Updated February 9, 2013

Project Overview:

Part 1:

Beginning in May 2013,  I ride my bicycle from Vancouver, BC to Phoenix, AZ* carrying the essential bike tools required for basic bike repair. Along the route, I offer workshops and presentations in bicycle mechanics to women, queer and other vulnerable demographics such as youth groups and low income individuals. I teach these workshops at community bike shops, schools, community centers and other facilities. Workshops are scheduled in advance (although short-notice workshops may be possible to accommodate along the route), free or by donation and funds raised will purchase tools for a soon-to-launch bicycle program at Fisantekraal high school in South Africa.


Part 2:

 After reaching Phoenix, AZ, I will fly to Cape Town, South Africa and spend 2-4 weeks volunteering at Fisantekraal High School. In partnership with an organization called Peace and Love International, this town ship high school 40 km outside of Cape Town is preparing to launch a bicycle program. They currently have 15 donated bikes, a vision for a great bike program and a dedicated team to see it through. On arrival, I will be able to assist in the preparations/operations/mechanical teaching of this bike program.

Subsequently, I will  ride my bike to Kenya and, as in the USA, offer bike mechanic workshops and education at bicycle related organizations along the way. Groups that I will visit and volunteer with include TO BE ANNOUNCED in South Africa, TO BE CONFIRMED  in Zambia, among others. I will also be working with individuals that I connected with in my travels of 2012 who have expressed interest in bicycle education in their communities.


*As is the nature of travel – especially on a bicycle and especially in Africa – exact dates, locations and duration of stay with each organization are subject to minor change.

To find out how you can register for a presentation or workshop in your town (USA or Africa), contact Brenna!



~ A world where bicycles are universally accepted as legitimate, respected, responsible and enjoyable forms of transportation and recreation.

~ Bicycles and the knowledge of bicycle maintenance and repair are accessible to all who wish to learn, regardless of gender, age, race, sexuality, financial situation or any other discriminatory factor.

~ Bicycle power is used as a means to increase the efficiency, strength and health of communities and promotes a consciousness of environmental stewardship.


Project Detail:

Goals and Objectives:

~ To provide inclusive, empowering and non-intimidating education in bicycles and bicycle mechanics to 25 groups*

~ To demystify the bicycle and break down barriers that create intimidation for certain minority groups who would otherwise choose not to use a bicycle (by offering a minimum of 5 specific presentations to vulnerable demographics – eg) women and ‘queer’, at risk youth *)

~ To generate a minimum of $2000 for up to 3 international non-profit organizations working for a similar vision* (primary beneficiaries) – as of February 2013, Beeyond a Bike is fund raising for one organization called Peace and Love International in their efforts with Fisantekraal High School to purchase bicycle tools for their upcoming program.

~ Support a minimum of 2 separate non-profit organizations, minimum $500  product purchase each, used as Beeyond A Bike’s fundraising perks/donation incentives (secondary beneficiaries)*

* Within 6 months of starting ride, tentatively May 2013



Presentation Guests – Along the bicycle route I present to junior and high schools, churches, sports teams, community bike shops, bicycle cooperatives and youth groups who wish to learn about bicycles.

Online Community – Social media and blogs allow me to reach a vast, international audience. Since donations can be made online, this is a huge outlet for financial support of the project


Presentation Topics:

~ Bicycle repair/maintenance (various topics)

~ Wheel building

~ Bicycle touring

~ Bicycles as a tool for community development

~ Women and bicycles

~ Various specific international or local bicycle initiatives

~ Cycling and yoga


Methods of Teaching:

~ Slide shows and Power Point Presentations

~ Hands on practice with bicycles

~ Group discussions


Available Resources:

~ Access to tools to build bicycle and trailer

~ Contacts and friendship with bicycle mechanics in various cities for support and information

~ Understanding of social media, blogging and networking

~ Graphic designer for logo and website design


Needed Resources:

~ Basic bike tools (approximated at $1000 bike shop cost)

~ Accommodation support across the US*

~ Food support across the US*

~ Financial sponsorship of bicycle and trailer*

~ Financial support of other travel costs*


Incentives for Sponsorship:

I am prepared to offer the following benefits for your sponsorship of Beeyond A Bike:

~ Acknowledgement on online media, including -but not limited to – Facebook page, Facebook events, Twitter, blog/website and the Indiegogo fundraiser page

~ Presence of a product page on website where visitors have direct link access between a photo and description of the tool I am carrying and a website where they can purchase the tool

~ Acknowledgement on printed media, including – but not limited to – posters for events, presentations and business cards

~ Acknowledgement orally at presentations and events

~ Other acknowledgement if desired. Examples: Sticker/logo on bike or trailer, t-shirt etc.

~ Preparation of articles or blog posts and photos for your business use


Evaluation Plan:

From February 2013 and then bi-monthly:

~ Review and update financial tables to see that there is an increase of profit for the funding beneficiaries of a minimum $375 (total between primary and secondary groups) per month. This is assuming an 8 month period of fundraising and total of $3000.

~ If profit is increasing too slowly, make changes in social media, increase online attention and reach out to external resources for more support


Post Presentations:

~ Provide feedback sheets or online feedback surveys for guests of presentations to complete and review.

~ Adjust project coordination/methods based on responses. Incentives may be offered to those who complete the feedback.


Upon Arrival at Destination:

~ Completely reassess mission, vision, goals and objectives

~ Establish changes to project approach based on assessment and feedback

~ Continue with Beeyond A Bike initiative if goals have been reached and substantial benefits have been reported from participating parties.

~ Set new goals and create time line for subsequent Beeyond A Bike journey

~ Dissolve or hand over project if necessary

* I intend to go forward with this mission regardless of whether or not I generate the funds to cover project start up and travel costs. I anticipate a substantial amount of these costs will be my own personal investment in the mission but will be grateful and eager to accept any support from outside resources.

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